I genuinely can’t believe that’s another week over! I also nearly forgot to publish this. Forgetfulness is maybe not the best trait in a wannabe ‘blogger.’

Anyhoo, it’s been an eventful week. Slight bit of housekeeping first of all….

Don't worry about the pineapple, not sure why I included it.

But I've decided to call the bike Myfanwy. It has to be said in a Welsh accent too (I sincerely apologise to all my Welsh pals). Well done for the suggestion Sarah!

So this was me on Friday night....---->

Does anyone else do this? When you absolutely know what you should do, but you do the opposite anyway?!
There's probably scope here to insert a whole paragraph on limiting beliefs but this is supposed to be light hearted so we'll stay away from that malarkey for now


I'm on a health kick for the next 3 weeks, so if anyone sees me eating or drinking anything remotely tasty please bat it out of my hands and shout at me

The kebab was actually amazing to be fair and I did fit in to the dress….just! I was lucky enough to be invited to a lovely wedding in Lochnell Castle – what a place!! Great food and great company, nothing overly funny about that, but it was lovely to catch up with folk. Also took some photos, it really is amazing what cameras can do these days! And all my thanks has to go to Dani and Jackie at Avalon for the hair and makeup, they can work wonders with this peely wally visage and unruly mop. Two weddings on two consecutive weekends – I actually considered trying to keep the same hair do and makeup on for the week which means I would get 2 weddings for one salon visit, but in the end wisely decided to do a refresh. Now that I’m 33 I think I may be making proper adult decisions.


Now before we get on to the main topic of this week – “philanthropy” I just wanted to add in a wee shout out to Cool an Aire. They released a single last week called ‘Revive’ and it’s absolutely flipping amazing. Please have a listen, follow them on Spotify, give them a like on Facebook (click here) and just show them a lot of love.

Philanthropy - the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes."

Only in Appin can this also mean “walk 13 miles round 3 pubs and get lots of food and booze on the way

Luckily I wasn’t too hungover from Saturday’s wedding escapades, so managed to make to The Old Inn for 10am to start the day with a bucks fizz. Yes, this is the famous BJangle walk in Appin. Thirteen miles of road and track (and Drumneil flippin hill which is a total beast!) starting and finishing at the The Old Inn. The fact the route also takes you to The Pierhouse and Creagan Inn may have swayed my decision to take up the challenge.

Is it really charity if you enjoy yourself that much?!

The pubs outdid themselves this year, what a welcome and a spread we got! The Pierhouse did well to set us up with some seafood kebabs, pints AND an Old Fashioned each.  Eight of us made it up Drumneil Hill where (after I nearly passed out from the exertion) we noticed we had lost someone – Jim! A few minutes later the bold boy comes marching up the road with a tray of sandwiches from a christening! Literally, a piece at any door that boy. (Thanks Jemma!)

We finally made it back to The Old Inn, after a few more stops for shots, sausage rolls, cider and my personal favourite – cheese and biscuits and Port! The Ceilidh Trail were warming the crowd for our return and after a burger and more pints we were ready to party the night away to the fantastic A’Hooligan! (I would highly recommend these bands by the way! I’ve added in links to their Facebook pages, get liking!)

I say party the night away, I actually mean go to bed. I am 33 now remember. 

So, who’s up for it next year?!

It all sounds like fun and games but boy was I sore on Monday. Actually, who am I kidding, I was sore at mile 6! It’s maybe not the best thing to try if you do absolutely zero exercise… but hey ho, I survived to tell the tale.  

What a motley crew eh?! I’m not sure exactly how much we raised yet but I’ll let you know

Either way, it was a great day, really good to see the community backing a good cause – the money raised is going to the Community Fireworks Event in Port Appin. Roll on November!!!

Has anyone else taken part in an event like this? Can I now call myself a philanthropist since I’ve done the walk 2 years in a row? And can I just put that down as my job title?? Also do you think the Old Inn, Pierhouse and Creagan would mind if it was a weekly event?? Answers below please!!

Well done to James, Barry and Wee Gourlay for organising the event. Thirteen miles is A LONG WAY when you are stuck with them to chat to. Just kidding!

And thanks has to go to the Old Inn, Pierhouse and Creagan for all their hospitality.

So I think I’ve prattled on enough, out of the three people that have read this I’m thinking maybe one has made it this far?? 

FULL DISCLOSURE – this next wee paragraph isn’t strictly innocent, BUT, I just want to tell you quickly about an app I’m using called PLUM. It links to your bank account and helps you save money. I really like that it takes small amounts based on your up coming direct debits etc and you don’t really notice it. After a few weeks I had saved up plenty of gin money without even trying. It also rounds up your transactions and saves the change which is brilliant. So what’s the catch? Well, for every 3 people that sign up using my link, I get £25. How good is that?! So I want to live up to my new job title of Philanthropist and every penny that I get from you lovely lot that sign up (even 3 would be great) then I’ll give it to the Appin Fireworks Fund, but also split with the NICU and SCBU Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. Why?? Well a very good friend of mine had to spend a lot of time there when her twins were born and they were just amazing. She’s also the person that got me started on Plum and it’s nice to be nice.

So here’s the all important link – https://withplum.com/?ref=i-ocG2Hs

It’s completely free by the way! Forgot to mention that vital bit of info, sorry

Thank you all, week 2 over in a flash.

This will never get political but I thought I’d leave you with this image because it’s hilarious.


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